Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cleaning House-Literally and Figuratively

Saints and Sinners-Cleaning House!

Even though the weather here is still VERY MUCH winter (we got 2 inches of snow yesterday!!!), Spring Fever has been affecting us.

The dogs are anxious to get out side as much as they can, and avoid the snow where possible LOL. We have cabin fever and are so ready for sun shine and temps above 40 degrees.

I decided that this Spring I am totally cleaning out my studio. No more bits and pieces, it's ALL going. I need to finish priming up here so I can paint and want to get rid of stagnant things causing stagnant energy.  So I have been listing lots of things but in small bits. I need to start listing boxes of stuff if I want this cleaned out by June.

I've also been going through some of my vintage dresses.  I have boxes and can't wear any of them!!!!! I love them but don't want to keep moving things I'm not actively using or actively loving. I've got  a couple of really cute Hawaiian day dresses like this rare Sun Fashions of Hawaii dress
Vintage Sun Fashion Hawaiian Dress

stunningly gorgeous 40's rayon dress
in black and red in a hard to find size large.
Stunning Black and Red 1940's Rayon Dress

  I thought this would be a good time to list with VLV right around the corner and all the upcoming summer weekenders but it's been quiet. 

I also have lots of vintage jewelry up including a few bakelite bangles and a adorable inject dot pendant as well as some Fakelite retro pieces I made.  You can see it all in the Vintage section of the shop.   

The Tiki Idols are almost ready for some Hawaiiana girls to adopt them! if you are interested in one, email me!
Colorful Retro Hawaiian Tiki Idol Necklaces

Monday, February 03, 2014

Review: Toni and Guy Shampoo and Conditioner

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I recently got TONI & GUY Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair to review for Amazon Vine.  I chose those two because now that my hair is stripped and dyed pink, my hair could use some extra TLC.

Click to go to product

I've been using it for a week and really love it. First, it smells AMAZING!!!! A light musk/white floral scent that is pretty strong. IF you don't like perfumy products, this is NOT the product for you. However, I love it. I wish I could buy it in cologne form.

My hair has felt softer and stays that way for a couple of days. I haven't noticed it making the color fade, but I'm in need of bleaching/recoloring right now. I'll edit this in a couple of weeks when I recolor my hair. 

The bottles are pretty small, but both shampoo and conditioner are concentrated so a little is going a long way.  I really love these products and will be buying both when these run out!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vintage Crafting Ideas - DIY Bottle Brush Trees

photo copyright Just Something I Made/Cathe Holden

Who doesn't love bottle brush trees? Aren't these pretty! It's hard to find new ones in colors though. I really wanted some white, aqua and pink ones last year I could only find green ones. I looked online for a tutorial and bleached them.  They don't really turn white, more dark cream.  Pretty if you have a really shabby chic decor but I wanted something brighter and whiter.  I tried dying them and lets just say the yellow undertones made all my pinks look like Mercurochrome and the aqua more a green blue! Pretty but not quite what I wanted.

Also they were small. Pretty but I'd like to have something a bit bigger too. I just found another tutorial on how to make your own, ANY size you want!! The link is here on the "Just Something I Made" blog.  
I'm totally in love with this bunch of purple ones she made and added a 4H ribbon. I wish I still had my 4H ribbons to make one for myself!

While it's too late for me to make some for this year's decorating I'll be getting some rope and making them in 2014!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Festive Holiday Crafts-Pink Printable Tree by Claudine Hellmuth

photo ©2013 Claudine Hellmuth

While doing a little blog reading, I saw this adorable FREE printable tree from my friend Claudine.  I love it and it goes perfectly with my holiday color scheme this year. They are so adorable!  Print and use as is or add a bit of glitter/glue on some sequins if you want a bit more sparkle.   I'm going to make a few and decorate the mantel with them and maybe hang a few on the big tree. 

You can visit Claudine's blog HERE to see more of her retro art and other adorable print outs to purchase.   She also has a free printable gift box you can customize too! THANK YOU Claudine for the awesome retrofabulous goodies!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Tis the Season To Start Decorating!

 The Saint John 2103 holiday tree done up in pinks and light aqua.

I know it's a bit early to put up the tree, but I wanted to have a longer holiday season this year.  We usually put it up a couple weeks prior to Christmas but we could use a little extra CHEER this year. I got a white tree a couple of years ago and love it!!! I use to have a vintage aluminum one but my old cats use to eat it. NOT GOOD!  I also have a small pink one for my studio I will be putting up this weekend.  Every year we decide a different color scheme, this year its pastel pinks, aqua and silver.   I need to get a different tree topper because this one gets lost with all the pastel colors.  I don't have a lot of vintage ornaments in these pastel colors but the new plain globes are timeless.  

I started looking for some vintage ornament inspirations and came across a pattern for a vintage looking felt deer ornament on the Thrift Store Crafter Blog. It's SOOOO retro I let out a loud SQUEEE! when I saw it. Luckily, I had pink wool felt so whipped up this pretty little deer head.  

I cut out a few more I need to make this week as gifts.  For some reason I am having a HARD time finding a good, pale aqua felt!  Maybe next year I'll find some in time.  This pattern is pretty easy to do and great as a tween/teen craft too.  You can find the pattern HERE.  She also has a number of other fun vintage inspired felt ornament patterns up including Alistair the Penguin, and this ADORABLE Blue Bird (which I'll be stitching up next!) 
photo ©2013 Thrift Store Crafter

I think next years tree will be all vintage look hand made felt ornaments. If I start NOW I should have enough to fill the tree come Christmas 2014!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hauntingly Wonderful Halloween Goodies!

It's hard to believe Halloween is just two weeks away!!  I still haven't made or sent out any cards-YIKES!

I have been busy working on some Halloween jewelry and a collage sheet. I meant to do more collage sheets, but time has flown by!

I created a "Halloween Hotties" digital collage sheet, only $1.75!  Buy one here and get busy crafting those Halloween party invites, ATC trades, or Halloween jewelry tonight! The watermarks will not appear on your sheet. 

I also have three ADORABLE Muerto Doll necklaces looking for homes! The series is called "Calavera Cuties", each is unique and colorful. 
The middle one is Catrina and you can read more about her here. 

And now it's back to the lab, to create more Halloween goodies!!!!