Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lot's of New Pretties in the Spectral Shop!

Start your holiday shopping early! I'm creating lots of goodies for your holiday gifting needs. 

First up - don't forget fingers need adornment love too. 
Vintage Medical Illustration Statement Ring
A fun, vintage medical illustration ring - "Internal Highway" size 6. Mixed media and one of a kind! 

 A little something for the Goddess in your life. 
Hera Peacock Feather Necklace
Do you know the story of how peacock feathers got their "eyes"?  Hera And The Eyes Of Argus necklace. 

Have a special ghost hunter or paranormal lover you need a gift for?
Tesla Spirit Communication Statement Necklace by Spectral
Tesla's Spirit Radio Necklace would be a fantastic gift.  This ode to Spirit Communication devices is as bold and unique as the man who inspired it. 

 If you need something a bit more understated and traditional, this might be the one for you. 
Sacred Heart Reversible Glass Locket Necklace by Spectral
Elegantly expressing faith. This Sacred Heart and Infant of Prague necklace is reversible with a swivel bail, making it two necklaces in one!

All necklaces come in a gift box, ready for giving!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Trying to Be More Social

Social networking-It's a necessary part of crafting a business. I kinda fell off the bandwagon the last year or so. Not good timing because I had just started Modernist Metal then closed Saints and Sinners but decided to keep doing bespoke art jewelry as Spectral.  Now, I need to bust my tail again to get it going.  You don't make money if you aren't hustling and juggling. 

So I'm on a couple of new social network sites. If you're on Ello, you can add me HERE.  

A friend just turned me on to a new site called tsu.  Their site is different because you can actually make money from the ad revenues by posting.  It takes having a large "tree" of friends and doing a good amount of posting-but worth a try. You can read more about them HERE.  If you'd like to join that network, please use my link and friend me.  

See you on the internet!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Would you like a Ouija?

I've been making a number of creepy cute Ouija board necklaces. Each are hand crafted one at a time. They are cut from sheet metal, then etched, sanded, aged, lacquered and attached to chain.  I have a variety of Small and Larger ones in brass and copper.  Perfect for the occultist or paranormal lover!!!  

I currently have a few up in the Spectral etsy shop and for local Clevelanders you can see them in person at Goddess Elite in North Olmsted. 

I also wholesale these (along with all the Spectral jewelry items)as well. If you have an established shop, gallery or boutique and would like some please email me for details.  If you know of a shop that should be carrying Spectral, please let me know!!! When they buy, I'll reward you with a free piece of jewelry for the sales lead!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Catch Up-the Good, The Sad and The Unexpected

Lots of things have happened the past few months, some awful, and some good. The Sad-My beloved furbaby, heart of my heart and constant companion Bettie became paralyzed at the beginning of summer. We had hoped she would regain some use of her front legs but she went from walking and tripping to not walking at in all in about 2 weeks time.  The next 6 weeks were basically hospice care for her as the paralysis quickly consumed her body. We got a harness to 'walk" her so she could do her business outside, got a stroller, slept in 2 hour shifts to wake up and turn her over, give her water, help her poo or pee, etc.... The decline happened so MUCH faster than we had hoped or had read/talked to with other pet owners.  Unfortunately, we had to help her cross over on Aug 27th.

I still get a huge lump in my throat, talking or writing about it. Happily, I can look at a photo of her and smile now instead of falling apart. I miss her so much everyday, I have my other babies, but she was such a part of me I feel such a hole.  She does visit me in dreams occasionally and in spirit.  I've heard her bark, snore and do her snort noise when she wanted picked up.  I know she is just a thought away but I miss her physical being so very much.

The Good- I have officially closed Saints and Sinners. I spent too much time over the last year trying to market old stock jewelry, excess supplies, etc... that I wasn't spending the time I wanted on Modernist Metal, do the occasional creepy cute, odd/dark mixed media jewelry for my line called Spectral or 100 other things I wanted to do or try.I finally just sat down, picked a date and decided it was time to forward.  Sept 30th was the date! I still have a TON of stuff left over, but I no longer have the stress of selling it over my head. And that feels great!!! LOL

The Unexpected- I have been going to Development Circle since March or so at a local store called Goddess Elite.  It's taken a while for me to publicly call myself a Sensitive, then Empath and finally Medium.  I've had this ability aall my life but for whatever reason didn't accept it.  The Universe had decided when I moved here 4 yrs ago that I was GOING to accept it no matter what LOL.  So finally, I am.  A few weeks ago I started doing Medium, Empathic and Intuitive Oracle Card readings at the store and online.  I really enjoy being of service and helping people connect, heal and move forward in their lives.

I'll post more about paranormal, spiritual and jewelry stuff in later posts. I just wanted to get back to blogging.  Thank you for the emails asking if I'm still here-I am!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers

Like so many of you who live in the Midwest/East Coast I am SOOOO ready for spring!! After living in California for 20 yrs, I'm not use to not having flowers bloom in March. Heck, I can't even plant anything here until the last week of May because of frost.

So, to get my flower fix I start looking at sun dresses. There are a lot of vintage reproductions this year featuring flowers. I'm picking a few of my faves to share the spring love with you all.

The pretty red dress at the top is by Whirling Turban. I've been a fan of hers for about 15 years.  She makes authentic reproduction pieces that are true quality and will last a long time.  The Hawaiian Classic Charmer with Wing Bust is one of my favorites but she has SOOO many beautiful pieces on her site.  She has also expanded into Bridal wear so if you want a vintage style dress for your wedding, be sure to look at her Bridal Salon Section. 

Pin Up Girl Clothing is another favorite and I'm SOOOOO HAPPY they have been expanding their Plus Size line!  Voluptuous Vintage Vixens check them out! If you are over a size 14 it's very hard to find vintage or reproduction clothing. Many of Pin Up Girl Clothing now goes up to a 4X which is about a sz 24.  They have a ton of pretty floral dresses, but this is on my wish list. Ella Dress in Blue Rose Floral. It's a perfect dress for this hot humid Ohio Summer and it will look great when I dye my hair back to Teal again. 

Heart of Haute also has a lot of pretty floral dresses right now. Rosa is HIGH on my wish list! 

Lindy Bop is a UK company that ships to the US. Their dresses are very affordably priced even with the currency exchange. If your order anything, remember they have UK sizing which is different than US so be sure to check your measurements. 

I love the Myrtle dress in this pretty navy and orange print. 

Please note: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this blog post. I haven't received any dresses for my opinions, but I'd be happy to review clothing for any of the companies mentioned. :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cleaning House-Literally and Figuratively

Saints and Sinners-Cleaning House!

Even though the weather here is still VERY MUCH winter (we got 2 inches of snow yesterday!!!), Spring Fever has been affecting us.

The dogs are anxious to get out side as much as they can, and avoid the snow where possible LOL. We have cabin fever and are so ready for sun shine and temps above 40 degrees.

I decided that this Spring I am totally cleaning out my studio. No more bits and pieces, it's ALL going. I need to finish priming up here so I can paint and want to get rid of stagnant things causing stagnant energy.  So I have been listing lots of things but in small bits. I need to start listing boxes of stuff if I want this cleaned out by June.

I've also been going through some of my vintage dresses.  I have boxes and can't wear any of them!!!!! I love them but don't want to keep moving things I'm not actively using or actively loving. I've got  a couple of really cute Hawaiian day dresses like this rare Sun Fashions of Hawaii dress
Vintage Sun Fashion Hawaiian Dress

stunningly gorgeous 40's rayon dress
in black and red in a hard to find size large.
Stunning Black and Red 1940's Rayon Dress

  I thought this would be a good time to list with VLV right around the corner and all the upcoming summer weekenders but it's been quiet. 

I also have lots of vintage jewelry up including a few bakelite bangles and a adorable inject dot pendant as well as some Fakelite retro pieces I made.  You can see it all in the Vintage section of the shop.   

The Tiki Idols are almost ready for some Hawaiiana girls to adopt them! if you are interested in one, email me!
Colorful Retro Hawaiian Tiki Idol Necklaces

Monday, February 03, 2014

Review: Toni and Guy Shampoo and Conditioner

Click photo to go to product
I recently got TONI & GUY Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair to review for Amazon Vine.  I chose those two because now that my hair is stripped and dyed pink, my hair could use some extra TLC.

Click to go to product

I've been using it for a week and really love it. First, it smells AMAZING!!!! A light musk/white floral scent that is pretty strong. IF you don't like perfumy products, this is NOT the product for you. However, I love it. I wish I could buy it in cologne form.

My hair has felt softer and stays that way for a couple of days. I haven't noticed it making the color fade, but I'm in need of bleaching/recoloring right now. I'll edit this in a couple of weeks when I recolor my hair. 

The bottles are pretty small, but both shampoo and conditioner are concentrated so a little is going a long way.  I really love these products and will be buying both when these run out!